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  1. bigboi27

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    May 18, 2018
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    1- What Is your Current Minecraft Username? (Have you ever changed your username if so list them - Also provide link):

    2- Do you own any Alternate Accounts, and or use any? (If so please list them):

    3- How active are you ingame?:

    4- How active can you be as Staff?:
    *everyday unless baseball

    5- When did you join BlackOutMC?:
    6- How old are you? (Must be 13+)(Admins must be 14+):
    *im 13 and im 14 in a week

    7- Timezone?:

    8- Are you able to speak multiple languages?(If so list them):

    9- Where are you most active on the BlackOutMC Network? (What game types do you play? Do you actively use the forums? Do you enjoy being in game more? Etc..?):
    *factions I enjoy being In game yes I use the forums alot

    10- Why do you want to be apart of our team?:
    *to make everyone happy

    11- What can you bring to our team nobody hasn't already?:
    *I can bring happiness and friend ships

    13- Where have you recently staffed and what did you learn from that server?:
    *I have never been a staff

    14- Are you currently staff on another server?:

    15- Have you ever been punished on a server? (If so what was the punishment and why):
    *yes for hacking but I don't do it any more

    16- If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?:

    17- Do you currently have Discord? As well as a working microphone? (Required - Join:

    18- Do you understand with a position as staff you realize players come first.:
    *yes I realize players come first I love people

    19- Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel your job isn't getting done the way it should be.:
    *yes I realize that

    20- Is there anything else you care to share with us to help better your chances at getting a spot to try out for a staff position?:every body has a chance in this world to have one thing they really want to do I want to become a staff someday.
  2. TBOAbrupt

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    Oct 8, 2017
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    Denied. No detail.